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Pellis Law Group, LLP is a Firm Founded on an Old Fashioned Ideal

Long before the onslaught of mega-firms and exorbitant hourly rates, an attorney was part of a profession, the profession of law. The focus was on client service. Businesses and individual clients viewed their attorneys as valued partners on whom they could rely when handling issues large and small. The relationship between the client and attorneys was a long-term one that evolved and deepened over time.

During the last few decades, law firms themselves have turned into businesses. Overhead has grown. Law firms have merged and then merged again, creating ever-larger law firms. The focus on profits per partner overshadowed the relationship between the client and its attorney. The further attorneys and their firms moved from engaging in law as a profession, the harder it became for clients to find attorneys who were real business partners. Indeed, there was a better way.

Welcome to the Pellis Law Group, LLP.

If you are reading this introduction, it means that one of our valued clients or fellow attorneys has asked us to speak with you. New clients come to Pellis Law Group only by referral. We do not take cold calls, and we do not advertise. We are available only to clients who share our values – integrity, hard work, persistence, high quality, value, and responsiveness. These are the core values of our founding members, and they are an exacting measure of entry. Just as you are selective about the attorneys you engage; we are particular about the clients we represent. All clients are Firm clients. When you contact us, anyone who answers the phone, whether an attorney or support staff, will know who you are and be familiar with your matters. We know that issues and problems can arise day or night. Our clients know we will be there for them and that each of them is an essential part of our practice.

Welcome to the Pellis Law Group family of clients, where we pride ourselves on quality professional advice with personal service.